Background investigation is the process in which an individual's or organizations criminal, business or monetary status is assessed and compiled.   In United States the Fair Credit Reporting Act can guide employers in conducting background checks.  Many employers prefer conducting a background check on their employees before hiring them. To read more now about the background investigation view the link.

The background check can either be conducted by government agency or some private companies at a fee.  Background checks are conducted to lower the probability of hiring people who can pose a threat to the organization.  The employers can use the background checks to verify the information that is given to them by the employers. 

 The government laws requires people in careers that involve carrying a weapon, working with vulnerable groups and driving a vehicle to have a background check prior to them being given a job.  The other situation where background checks are obligatory is when hiring people of senior position in an organization.   Banks also conduct background checks on their customers who have requested for a loan. 

Whenever a person is recruited in to an organization the employers not only invest a lot of resource but also expose their enterprise to some level of risk.   Background checks may pose some additional cost in the short-term but be very rewarding in the long-term.  People without any criminal record are likely not to engage in any form of crime even after they have been hired. Take a look at the information about these background investigations.

 The background checks requested by employers can either be government agency investigation or commercial investigation.  The checks by FBI uses the criminal records collected by the law enforcement agencies and then compares them against the fingerprints of the applicants.  Commercial background checks primarily rely on information of the individual and scrutinizes its validity by comparing it with the records by the police or court both at the state and federal level.      

 FBI checks have the advantage of eliminating instances of false positives and false negatives.  FBI records have a limitation in that even when the crime committed by the applicant was not serious it will take a longer time to investigate.

 With background checks conducted by private entities, the applicant is not required to be fingerprinted.  The other advantages is that the process is done at a higher speed than with government agency.  The main disadvantage is that the reports may give false negatives and false positives. Go to the reference of this site about background checks

Besides, the accuracy of the information will often depend on the vendor that the company has hired and yet there are many to select from.   It is important for the employers to wisely select the entity that will conduct background check on their job applicants.